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Manufacturing Supply Chain Opportunities in Mexico

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in the Mexican economy, according to the World Bank, over 18% of Mexico’s GDP comes from manufacturing activities and the sector as a whole, employs over 9 million people.

As a manufacturing and logistical hub for the Americas, a vast number of foreign companies set up operations in Mexico with the sole purpose of exporting to other countries, such as the US and Canada. These goods include: Vehicles (automobiles, trailers, recreational vehicles, etc.), aerospace components, medical devices, consumer electronics and home appliances among many others.

Although multinational companies that set up manufacturing sites in Mexico have well-structured and efficient supply chain that cover their core activities, there are specific areas in which they rely on external providers:

  1. Machinery and equipment: Providing new equipment or maintenance, many manufacturing companies in Mexico rely on imported machinery and equipment to improve productivity and efficiency.

  2. Quality control and testing services: Manufacturers in Mexico often rely on external service providers to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

  3. Technical and engineering services: Supporting manufacturers in adding new production lines or optimizing existing ones.

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